“Thank you Stu. Our sessions have had a deep impact on me.”

Photo: Editha Gatsby

“Thank you Stu. Our sessions have had a deep impact on me.”

Photo: Editha Gatsby

Public Speaking Coach

I have over 20 years in public speaking coaching, acting and performance.

Whether it’s preparation for an audition, your wedding speech, a works presentation or simply to build your confidence in everyday life, I have the tools to help you get the best from your voice.

We can do as many sessions as you feel you need – be it a one off to affirm your speech or performance, or whether you’d benefit more from a number of sessions – let’s make it happen. I have a number of simple techniques, easy to implement, that will enhance your natural speaking voice and ‘spring’ your content into life.

“After only 2 sessions, I felt like a different person”

Photo: Philip Volkers

“I was preparing for a big talk and wanted some help to feel more confident.

Just three sessions with Stuart sessions totally changed my life; not just for the talk but in the way I communicate in general.

I learned a series of exercises to train my voice and body. We worked through the speech meticulously and I was able to learn the magic of how content springs to life.

I am so hugely grateful for his wisdom, kindness, encouragement, professionalism and overall vibrant personality and how he enabled me to get over my embarrassment. I wholeheartedly recommend Stuart; you’ll be in very good hands!”


Alex Florshultz
Coaching – Presentation

“Dear Stu, many many thanks for the help you gave me with the poem I was asked to read at my nephew’s wedding.

I was keen to do the occasion justice but was very nervous about standing up, projecting my voice, involving the couple and just getting the meaning of the words across to everyone.

You made the rehearsal fun and got me to relax. You got across the need to take deep breaths and slow things down. With your help, my confidence grew and grew.

After the service several people complimented me on my delivery, so many thanks indeed.”


Evelyn Gray
Coaching – Wedding

“I was asked to give a eulogy at my Grandmother’s funeral, I had never made a public speech before and knowing the event would be emotional made it an even more daunting prospect.  Stu came highly recommended as a voice coach and he was very skilful, creative and professional.

I started out feeling very self-conscious and exposed but Stu knew exactly what to do. He gave me breathing exercises, taught me techniques for voice projection and most importantly, tips to stay calm!

The best thing was, he made the experience enjoyable. After only 2 sessions I felt like a different person and I had a new confidence.

A few days later, I was able to honour my grandmother and make the speech she deserved in a calm and authentic way without any notes!

I had many people commenting on what a good speech it was. I’m so grateful to Stu for his help, I know that I would not have made the speech without his inspirational coaching.”


Clare Shaw
Coaching – Eulogy